27 Villages Participate In Jawa Tengah Tourism Village Awards Of 2022

The Jawa Tengah Tourism Village Awards 2022, an appreciation event for Tourism Villages at the Jawa Tengah Province is back. The theme for Tourism Village Awards 2022 organized by the Departmen of Youth, Sports, and Tourism of Jawa Tengah is "Gumregah, Jumangkah, Hanggayuh Mukti". This theme represents the spirit of revival of all elements in the Tourism Village to recover faster, rise stronger, and move together towards glory.

The Tourism Village Awards 2022 is hybrid. Tourism Villages must upload 1 (one) video to the official Youtube channel of each Tourism Village. The video features stories of tour packages, cultural arts attractions, Sapta Pesona and CHSE, as well as homestays and clean toilets. Based on the video, the top 10 best tourist villages will be selected. Furthermore, 10 Tourism Villages will hold an offline exhibition at the Gajah Gate, Kembanglimus Tourism Village, Magelang Regency, on November 26, 2022. Come and liven it up!

Watch the video for 27 Tourism Villages, don't forget to support your regional representatives.

1. Semarang Regency - Muncar Village

2. Pati Regency- Wetan Burnt Village

3. Klaten Regency- Sidowarno Village

4. Grobogan Regency- Penadaran Village

5. Cilacap Regency- Jetis Village

6. Wonogiri Regency- Example Village

7. Karanganyar Regency - Berjo Village

8. Rembang Regency- Sendangasri Village

9. Banjarnegara Regency- Dawuhan Village

10. Pekalongan Regency- Kayupuring Village

11. Purworejo Regency- Somongari Desa Village

12. Boyolali Regency- Paras Village

13. Blora Regency- Sambongrejo Village

14. Pemalang Regency- Sikasur Village

15. Magelang Regency- Karangrejo Village

16. Banyumas Regency- Pekunden Village

17. Sukoharjo Regency- Trangsan Village

18. Wonosobo Regency- Giyanti Village

19. Semarang City - Kandri Village

20. Batang Regency- Kembanglangit Village

21. Kudus Regency- Dukuhwaringin Village

22. Temanggung Regency - Tlahab Village

23. Jepara Regency- Petekeyan Village

24. Kebumen Regency- Sendangdalem Village

25. Purbalingga Regency- Serang Village

26. Tegal Regency- Infiltration Village

27. Kendal Regency- Bendosari Village