3 Top Village Products At The Banjarnegara MSE Expo & Local Product Festival 2023

Banjarnegara MSE Expo & Festival of Local Products in 2023 will be held from Wednesday (22/2) to Sunday (26/2). Located in the Banjarnegara Square Area, this exhibition is one of a series of 452nd Anniversary of Banjarnegara Regency. With the theme "Local Products Towards Global Markets", the Banjarnegara MSE Expo presented an exhibition of local SMEs & snacks products. Among these products, some of them are superior village products in Banjarnegara Regency. Let's get to know more!


If Lasem in Rembang is known as Batik Tiga Negeri, then Banjarnegara has Batik Gumelem. Gumelem itself is the name of a written batik production center village, precisely Gumelem Wetan Village and Gumelem Kulon Village, Susukan District. The visit.banjarnegarakab.go.id website states that the locations of the two villages are about 40 km southwest of the city of Banjarnegara. What is interesting about Gumelem's hand-written batik is the distinctive "udan liris" and "rujak senthe" motifs in sogan (brown), black, and yellow colors.


Apart from Batik, Banjarnegara also has a center for ceramics. The location is in Klampok Village, Purwareja District, so it is known as Klampok ceramics. Quoted from visit.banjarnegarakab.go.id, the Klampok ceramic industry began to emerge in 1957. Klampok ceramics are made from molded clay and shaped using a rotating technique. The clay that has been formed, is then dried in the sun to dry, then fired. Next is the coloring process. However, not all ceramics are colored, some are original, so they look classic.


Cassava is a leading commodity for the people of Majalengka Village, Bawang District. The local community, through the Sinar Tani Women Farmers Group (KWT), processes cassava into instant mocaf and tiwul flour under the Sintabara brand. Mocaf flour itself is a low-sugar flour produced by fermented cassava. This flour can be used for all kinds of snacks, cakes, brownies, cakes, noodles, etc. If you want simple traditional snacks, you can try tiwul instant. Just add coconut milk and steam for 5-10 minutes. Tiwul is ready to be served. Easy isn't it? (Admin)