Enjoying A Cozy Afternoon At Sempor Kebumen Reservoir

The afternoon is the time to take a walk or relax. You can also enjoy the sunset while looking at the view around you. Then, for tourists in Kebumen Regency, there is one tourist attraction to be visited where you can relax in the afternoon. It is Sempor Reservoir.

Sempor Reservoir is in Sempor Village, Sempor District, Kebumen Regency, 7 Km north of Gombong District. The location is not far from Wonokriyo Market and Gombong Station. The best time to see this 43-square-kilometer reservoir is in the afternoon. Even so, coming here in the morning or afternoon is also okay. But in the afternoon, visitors can enjoy all the beauty and cool air at Sempor Reservoir.

Sempor Reservoir is a stream from the Ringinggulung River which flows from the South Serayu Mountains to the Indian Ocean. Sempor Reservoir was inaugurated on March 1, 1978, signed by the 2nd President of the Republic of Indonesia, Suharto. Originally the Sempor Reservoir is irrigation for rice fields around. But gradually, the function of the Sempor Reservoir become a tourist attraction for Kebumen Regency.

At Sempor Reservoir, tourists can enjoy the cool air with a view of the beautiful mountain landscape with lush pine forests. Tourists can also enjoy the flow of the Sempor Reservoir irrigating the residents' rice fields.

Another thing to do at the Sempor Reservoir is by enjoying the motorboat rides that have been provided by residents. No need to spend too much money, it costs only IDR 15,000 per person to go around the Sempor Reservoir for 30 minutes.

Other water recreations in the Sempor Reservoir are speedboats, slow boats, rowing ducks, and rowing boats. If you want to take a leisurely walk or cycle while breathing the fresh mountain air on the wide road.

Craving for culinary? Don't worry because there are many food stalls around the way. Don't miss tasting the typical snack of Sempor Reservoir, namely mendoan amba. Mendoan amba is a deep fried tempeh. Usually, it is only 5x5cm in size, but for mendoan amba, the width can be a full plate!

Usually, the mendoan amba of Sempor Reservoir is served with soy sauce. Enjoy it while it's warm, dip it in soy sauce, then eat it while enjoying the typical panorama in the afternoon. Wow, that feels great!

There are three entrances at the Sempor Reservoir. It is the Kulon (west) side, Monas, and the pier. Prepare money to pay for the parking and entrance tickets. At the west door, tourists will immediately find the paved road to the Sempor Reservoir. There we can enjoy views of the Sempor Reservoir from two sides.

The first side is the one facing the reservoir and mountains, and the other side is facing the road. But the scenery on this side is no less exotic because our location is on an uphill. Another entrance to the Sempor Reservoir is the monas door. It is called monas since there is a miniature of the Monas monument. Then, the last door is the pier. This entrance will direct tourists to near boat stops and other water rides.

Visit the Sempor Reservoir with your family, friends, or even your loved ones. You will feel the romance, fun, and calm vibes.

One tip for tourists who want to go to the Sempor Reservoir, make sure your vehicle is in good condition since the road to the Sempor Reservoir is uphill.

Well, have you interested in enjoying an afternoon at Sempor Reservoir? Add to your wishlist! (Contributor)