Hiking Mount Merbabu: Incredible Beauty With Amazing Hiking Trails

Who misses climbing the mountain? After the Covid-19 pandemic ends, let's immediately pack your climbing equipment. Carry the carrier and let's head for Mount Merbabu.

Mount Merbabu is the third highest mountain in Jawa Tengah Province after Mount Slamet and Mount Sumbing. The mountain is 3,145 meters above sea level in three districts in Jawa Tengah, namely Magelang, Boyolali, and Semarang. The entrance aka the starting point of climbing Mount Merbabu can also go through these three districts.

There are five official hiking trails opened to climb Mount Merbabu. Namely the Selo-Boyolali, Suwanting-Magelang, Wekas-Magelang, Cuntel-Semarang, and Thekelan-Semarang lines.

Each hiking trail on Mount Merbabu presents different challenges and landscapes but is still charming. For example, the Selo trail, Boyolali which became the most favorite path of climbers because it has a very large savanna.

There is something to note when climbing Mount Merbabu via Selo. As of February 1, 2020, Gunung Merbabu National Park Hall (BTNGMb) imposed a registration system via online booking. So that the registration of climbing on the spot can no longer be done.

Meanwhile, other trails outside Selo, such as Suwanting-Magelang, Wekas-Magelang, Cuntel-Semarang, and Thekelan-Semarang, have not applied for online climbing registration. So there, there can still be registered on the spot.

How to register online is also easy. The head of the group can access the tngunungmerbabu.org site. After filling in the data of all members of the group, climbers will get a unique registration code.

Well, this unique registration code can be used to check or change data if there is a change. After that, a registration form appears that can be saved and must be brought when re-registering at the registration counter on the Selo hiking trail.

The fare of climbing tickets of Mount Merbabu is divided into entrance ticket tickets and activities starting from 2,500 IDR for groups. The amount of admission on a normal day is different from a holiday. Plus, there is insurance worth 1,000 IDR.

The length of the hiking trail via Selo reaches 5.63 kilometers with travel time up to Kenteng Songo Peak of about 8 hours 15 minutes. The average temperature of Mount Merbabu via Selo during the day is 15-21 degrees Celsius and at night can reach 3-8 degrees Celsius. Pretty cold, right?

The climbing point will start the Selo Resort Office with a travel time of 90 minutes to get to Post 1 Dok Malang. Once passing at the climbing gate, climbers are directly invited into the typical forest of Mount Merbabu.

After arriving at Post 1 Dok Malang, the climb can be continued to Simpang Macan for about 45 minutes. Here, climbers can unwind for a moment while straightening their legs before continuing to Post 2 Pandean. Although 'only' is 421 meters away, the path to Post 2 is very draining.

On this path, climbers will meet many fauna/animals typical of Mount Merbabu. Among them are lutung budeng / black lutung, long-tailed monkeys, partridges, eagles, and some types of birds. If lucky, climbers can see primates that are priority animals on Mount Merbabu.

The journey can be continued to Post 3 Slate which is at an altitude of 2,593 meters above sea level. Here, climbers can camp or set up tents because the area is so large. The view from Post 3 Slate is also very charming. Climbers can see Mount Merapi from a distance.

However, it would be nice if the road for a moment to Savanna 1. Yes, the specialty of climbing Mount Merbabu is in the beauty of the savanna that is so extraordinary. Unmitigated, Mount Merbabu has two very large savanna fields. The location is not so far away, the road is uphill about 30 minutes.

Indeed, to arrive at Savanna 1 of Post 3 Slate takes quite a long time, which is one hour. Even with a hiking trail that makes it feel dislodged. However, all fatigue will pay off with the beauty of the savanna that steady soul.

No wonder many climbers choose to camp in Sabana 1 or Sabana 2. Both of these savannas are also favorite spots for climbers to take pictures. The combination of green typical savanna with bright blue sky, able to anesthetize lovers of beauty.

After Savanna 2, then the journey to the top of Mount Merbabu begins. There are several peaks on Mount Merbabu, but what can be traversed from the Selo trail is Trianggulation Peak and Songo Kenteng Peak.

Travel time to get to The Triangulation Peak from Savanna 2 is about 90 minutes with a distance of 916 meters. Regarding the climbing track, no need to ask. Just enjoy it. Because the peak looks so close in the eye, it turns out to be far in the legs.

If you are tired, pause for a moment while looking at the scenery around Mount Merbabu. There is Mount Lawu in the east, Mount Merapi to the south. Also look at the expanse of edelweiss, Cantigi trees, and savannas that are so wide. This landscape will more or less distract you from the fatigue that is whacking. A view as good as this can certainly be seen when the weather is clear.

After an hour's drive from Savanna 2, climbers will reach the Triangulation Peak. All continue to Kenteng Songo Peak which is only 123 meters away with a travel time of 10 minutes.

At Kenteng Songo Peak, there are six lumpang or mashed tools made of stone and have a sunken hole. At this peak, climbers can enjoy sunset and sunrise moments that will not be forgotten.

In addition to excellent physical and sufficient supplies, there is something that must be prepared by climbers before climbing Mount Merbabu. Along the Selo hiking trail, there will be no springs. So climbers must take into account the need for water.

So, if the climbing path of Mount Merbabu has been opened, let's enjoy the extraordinary beauty. Now, at home first. (Contributor)