Seven Tourism Villages In Jawa Tengah Entered The Top 15 In The 2023 Archipelago Tourism Village Competition

Seven tourism villages in Jawa Tengah have succeeded in entering the top 15 of the 2023 Archipelago Tourism Village Competition (Indonesian: Lomba Desa Wisata Nusantara (LDWN)) organized by the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration. LDWN has been held since 2019 to appreciate the villages that have pioneered and developed tourist attractions in their villages which are managed by Village-Owned Enterprises/Joint Village-Owned Enterprises.

In the announcement letter from the Directorate General of Village and Rural Development Number 1251/PDP.01.03/XI/2023, it was stated that based on the results of presentation assessments, interviews, and field verification, 15 villages with the best ranking in category I (Very Disadvantaged/Disadvantaged Villages) have been declared to have passed. Developing) and 15 villages ranked best in category II (Advanced/Independent).

The three tourist villages in Jawa Tengah that were declared to have passed category I are Bangsri Tourism Village (Blora Regency), Guci Tourism Village (Tegal Regency), and Melung Tourism Village (Banyumas Regency). Four other tourist villages passed category II, namely Jangglengan Tourism Village (Sukoharjo Regency), Karangkemiri Tourism Village (Banyumas Regency), Plajan Tourism Village (Jepara Regency), and Tunggulrejo Tourism Village (Karanganyar Regency).

Tourist villages that are declared to have passed the 15 best-ranked villages in each category will receive awards at the 2023 Archipelago Tourism Village Competition Appreciation Night next Friday (24/11/2023) in Senggigi Village, Batu Layar District, Lombok Barat Regency, Nusa Tenggara Barat.

Nationally, Jawa Tengah is the province with the highest number of tourist villages in each category in LDWN 2023. The participation of tourist villages in LDWN 2023 is also a promotional event that can ultimately have an impact on increasing the number of tourist visits to Jawa Tengah.

Hopefully, the seven tourist villages from Jawa Tengah will get the best results at LDWN 2023. (Admin)