Tasteful Patis’ Gandul Rice

Pati Regency has various tourist attractions. Starting from hilly areas like Jolong to beach tourism. If you want to go around, it may take all day that will make you feel hungry after that. But don’t worry, Pati has delicious typical food. It is the tasty gandul rice.


If you're passing through Pati, then you can stop by to taste Gandul Rice. The stalls that sell the Gandul rice menu are easy to find. Usually, in front of the stalls, there will be an inscription "Nasi Gandul. So, please turn around and stop by.


You can find Gandul Rice stalls in the Gajah Mati Village area, Puri bus stop, and other places. Stalls of gandul rice are already all around the city that famous with the name Bumi Mina Tani.


When you come to the gandul rice stalls, there is a kind of traditional basket carrier. You’ll find a basket of rice and gandul rice gravy. There are also stacks of plates.


Gandul rice is served with gravy. The color is brown like stew or curry, then pour with beef.


If you buy Gandul rice, usually the seller will offer what side dishes you’ll like. Usually, there are a brain, liver, spleen, and others. 


After choosing a side dish, the seller will cut the side dish that we choose into small pieces. Gandul rice is served on a plate covered with banana leaves. The rice was drenched in the gravy until it submerged 3/4 of the plate of rice. The thin puff of steam from the sauce also looks tempting. It looks fresh, warm, and spicy.


At first glance, the appearance of gandul rice looks like beef stews or curry. You can visit the spicy level. The seller will add soy sauce to add a spicy taste. The savory taste of Gandul Rice is good with soy sauce.


Having iced tea or warm tea after enjoying one portion of gandul rice is a nice choice. But there's nothing wrong if you want to drink something else. On the table, usually additional side dishes like crackers or tempeh are also served. 


Ahmad, one of the buyers said Gandul Rice is a must-visit culinary every time he goes to Pati. He knew gandul rice from his friend who is originally from Pati. He has several times enjoyed this special food.


Reporting from the website https://dinasarpus.patikab.go.id, the area in Pati that popularized this gandul rice is Gajahmati Village. That is why the words Gandul Rice Gajah Mati are often encountered.


Gajahmati village itself is located in the district of Pati. The location is not far from Pati Bus Station. In Gajahmati Village, you can also find some stalls that provide a Gandul Rice menu.