Tasty Soto Kemiri From Pati

Talking about food, Pati has many special dishes, such as gandul rice, which is already famous. More, in Pati there is also one typical dish with a warm gravy that is tasty for dinner, lunch, or breakfast.

It is Soto Kemiri. Kemiri is the name of one of the villages in Pati. The location is in the Pati area. Kemiri village is the origin of this cuisine.

Soto Kemiri is a chicken soup using coconut milk for the broth. It is served with rice in a bowl then given shredded chicken and poured with yellow coconut milk.

Soto kemiri stalls are easy to find when you come to Pati. Usually, the stalls provide other side dishes such as chicken parts such as wings and thighs, offal satay, cakes, and others.

Not only favored by the residents of Pati itself, but Soto Kemiri also becomes a favorite for foodies from outside the city. Like Ibnu from Rembang who has business in Semarang. So when he comes home and passes by Pati, he often stops by to enjoy Soto Kemiri.

He already has his favorite stall that has a lot of additional side dishes. He got a recommendation from a friend to try Soto Kemiri at the stall.

"A friend's recommendation. If I'm from Semarang, I'll stop here," he said.

Ibnu said Soto Kemiri has a special taste. Because it uses coconut milk, it feels more savory and the seasoning is delicious. In addition, there are pieces of chicken that are soft.

According to Ibnu, the price of Soto Kemiri is quite affordable. At his favorite stall, he usually orders one soto, plus two additional side dishes, and an orange. The total is less than 20.000.

"Usually under 20 thousand. Use two side dishes with orange juice," he said.

Yes, Pati does have a variety of culinary. You may try Nasi Gandul, Soto Kemiri, or if you want to relax while having coffee, Pati also has Jolong coffee. Satisfied with the trip, you can buy souvenirs from Pati such as Juwana Milkfish Presto. Happy traveling in Pati. (Vachri/ Contributor)