The Charm Of The Besani Batang Tourism Village

The Tourism Village continues to develop into the prima donna of Jawa Tengah tourism, including Batang Regency and its potential of a unique tourism village. One of them is Besani Tourism Village in Blado District. Reporting from, Besani Village is about 25 Km from the capital of Batang Regency to the southeast and is located in a highland area with beautiful natural scenery.


In 2023, Dewi Besani succeeded in qualifying for the 75 Best ADWI 2023 Tourism Villages by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Let's get to know more!


Natural tourism

Feel the sensation of cycling between green and beautiful tea plantations to relax and unwind from the daily routine. More, you can visit Dewi Besani Waterfall for other natural tourism.


Educational Tourism

Improve your language skills at the Dewi Besani Mandarin Language Center. Mandarin language training is held every week, as well as introducing Javanese and Chinese acculturation culture. Visitors can also try the fun of old games, such as cublak-cublak suweng , sack race, dakon, and rope jumping. Or learn to make bed linen painting? You can, you know.


Artificial Tourism

Like photos? There is a cool De Blado tour which can be an Instagrammable photo spot. Visitors can also feel nostalgic about watching movies with a plug screen. 


Culture tour

Yep, tourists can watch traditional arts that are still sustainable in Besani Village. There is a performance the Lengger Dance which is usually performed at celebrations or welcoming guests. There is the Kuda Lumping or known as the Jaran Kepang. There is also Kuntulan, one of the traditional arts accompanied by tambourines and prayers.


Culinary tour

Don't forget to enjoy various delicious culinary delights. There are Megono Rice, Special Besani Chicken, Manggut Besani Chicken, Besani Tauhwa, and Besani Crackers.


Ready to have fun at Dewi Besani? For information and reservations, please follow Instagram @dewibesani. (Admin)