The Sensation Of Gliding Like A Bird At Inggil Park Telomoyo

Do you like extreme sports and tourism? Maybe you can try the Flying Fox at Inggil Park Telomoyo. Here you will get fresh air and an adrenaline rush.

Glide as if you feel the sensation of flying in the sky with beautiful natural scenery as a background.

This destination has even become a destination and is an effort to add destinations and introduce Jawa Tengah tourism.

Mount Telomoyo is one of the destinations visited by many tourists. One of them is the newest attraction on Mount Telomoyo, namely the Flying Fox Gantole.

The zipline from Flying Fox Gantole has a path length of around 100 meters with a height of 125 meters. If you're lucky, visitors can glide with beautiful views if it's sunny.

First, visitors will listen to instructions from the ride guard. Then the guard will help put on safety equipment when sliding.

In a prone position with both hands holding a hang glider, visitors are ready to launch and ready to land at the end area.

Not all visitors to Inggil Park Telomoyo dare to ride this ride.

To be able to ride the Flying Fox hang glider, there are several conditions. Namely, you must be over 12 years old and have a maximum body weight of 150 kilograms.

This vehicle was created at the initiation of the owner of Inggil Park Telomoyo, Tri Kandung Abiyoso, who did not want the image of Mount Telomoyo as a hang-gliding tourist spot to be lost.

Because Mount Telomoyo is the location for hang gliding flights during international championships. However, the pandemic forced the championship to go on hiatus.

"So far, Telomoyo is famous for hang gliding tourism, so I wanted to make a kind of hang gliding but also like a flying fox. "So that visitors can enjoy and not just watch when there is an international championship," he said.

Among them is a spot with a helipad shape which is a favorite among visitors because it has a direct view of Mount Andong.

“Actually, there is still a lot of land that we want to optimize, but in stages. "Because this area is around 1.9 hectares and only around 600 meters have been used," he added.

The sensation of riding the Flying Fox hang gliding ride was felt by one of the visitors from Kartasura, Khori Ila Maissaroh.

This was the first time he had tried this ride. Even though the conditions were foggy, it didn't dampen his desire to try to glide using the hang glider.

"At first I was nervous, but when it launched it immediately hit everyone," he admitted.

He admitted that he was challenged by extreme tourism in Central Java. Not only that, tourist visits always increase from year to year.

He even had a big desire to ride this ride again. Because he wanted to glide in clear and not foggy conditions.

"Later I will try again when the conditions are no longer foggy," he added.