Welcoming World Tourism Day 2022, Jawa Tengah Provincial Office Of Youth, Sports, And Tourism Hold Video Competition "Plesiran Di Jateng Aja"

To welcome and liven up World Tourism Day 2022 on September 27th, the Jawa Tengah Provincial Office of Youth, Sports, and Tourism holds a Video Competition. This event also celebrates the special moment of Indonesia being chosen as World Tourism Day Host 2022.

Entitled "Plesiran di Jateng aja" (Tourism in Jawa Tengah), this Video Competition is held online on social media; Instagram and Youtube. People can join this competition by submitting videos that are captured in tourist destinations in Jawa Tengah Province.

Participants have a chance to win cash of a total of 11 million rupiahs. The competition starts from September 11th to October 9th, 2022. The winner of this competition will be announced on Instagram @VisitJawaTengah on October 17th, 2022.

Interested in joining Video Competition "Plesiran di Jateng aja"? Read the following terms and conditions:

1. The video competition is free and open to the public;

2. The theme of the video competition is "Plesiran di Jateng aja" with a shooting location in tourist destinations in Jawa Tengah;

3. Participants can use any video recording tools;

4. The video duration is 2-3 minutes;

5. The video must include information on the name and location of tourist attractions;

6. Every participant can only submit 1 video;

7. Participants fill in the registration form at bit.ly/plesirandijatengaja2022 ;

8. The video is uploaded on each Instagram and YouTube channel.

9. Participants submit the video link in the registration form.

10. Every uploaded video should use a caption NAME_JUDUL VIDEO_ #VisitJawaTengah #JatengGayeng #WorldTourismDay2022 #PlesiranDiJatengAja2022 #PesonaIndonesia ;

11. The video contents do not contain ethnicity, religion, race, inter-group relations, and pornography contents;

12. The submitted video is an original video by participants and has never been submitted in other competitions;

13. Participants are responsible for their videos;

14. The committee and judges are not responsible for the submitted video if there is ownership prosecution or copyright of some or all parts of the submitted video and other matters that cause loss of score or without a score for participants or other parties;

15. The deadline for submitting videos is on October 9th, 2022, at 23.59 Indonesia Western Time;

16. The winner must submit the master video in the best quality (Full HD 1080p) to the committee;

17. The video of the winner becomes the committee's and can be freely used in events in Jawa Tengah Provincial Office of Youth, Sports, and Tourism with still giving the copyright of the creator;

18. The committee can disqualify participants' videos before and after judging if there is a foul found;

19. Participants that join this Video Competition are deemed to agree to all terms and conditions for the submitted video;

20. The judges' decision will be final.

For further information, please contact us via DM on Instagram @VisitJawaTengah. (Admin)