3 Jawa Tengah Sport Tourism Events In 2023

Sports tourism is popular among the public as a sport and also tourism. Jawa Tengah holds several interesting sports tourism events annually. Some of them already exist and becoming long-awaited events for tourists. What are they? Check the following information.


BOROBUDUR MARATHON | November 2023 | Magelang Regency

Borobudur Marathon is a prestigious running sports event attended by athletes and runners from various regions in Indonesia. Not only runners from Indonesia, the Borobudur Marathon is also attended by runners from abroad. This sports tourism event elevates Borobudur Temple as a cultural heritage site to the world. Don't miss the latest information on the Borobudur Marathon via Instagram @borobudur.marathon


TOUR DE BOROBUDUR | August 2023 | Magelang Regency

The Tour de Borobudur is one of the most wanted cycling sports events for cyclists. The Tour de Borobudur route will cross and stop at tourist attractions in the Regency / City of Jawa Tengah and finish at the Borobudur Temple Complex. Find more information via Instagram @tourdebobudur


MESASTILA 100 | 6-8 October 2023 | Magelang Regency

MesaStila100 is a unique and extreme trail running event that challenges both body and soul in the heart of the island of Jawa. This ultra trail event crosses and climbs up to five mountains in Jawa Tengah named Andong, Merbabu, Merapi, Telomoyo, Gilituri, and finishes at MesaStila Resort and Spa. Please follow Instagram @mesastila100 to get the latest information.

Don't miss the excitement of the three sporting events. Also, get information on other events in Jawa Tengah here. (Admin)