5 Ways To Enjoy Borobudur Temple For Millennials

The splendor of Borobudur Temple always fascinates anyone who comes to visit. As it turns out, there are many ways to enjoy this 9th-century cultural heritage. What are they?

Climb to the top of Borobudur Temple

Visiting Borobudur Temple means that you have to prepare yourself to explore every corner of the Temple. Borobudur Temple has 10 levels consisting of 6 levels in the form of a square, 3 levels in a circular shape, and the main stupa as its peak. Prepare a sufficient supply of water, headwear, or umbrella, if you come during the day.

Enjoying Sunrise and Sunset from the Top of Borobudur Temple

Want to have a more special experience and atmosphere? You can visit Borobudur Temple in the morning or evening by walking from Manohara Hotel to the temple. Arriving at the top, you will see the beautiful panorama around Borobudur which is surrounded by mountains at sunrise or sunset.

Seeing the Silhouette of Borobudur Temple from Punthuk Setumbu and Rhema Hill

Around Borobudur Temple, there is a favorite sunrise spot for domestic and foreign tourists, namely Punthuk Setumbu. From here, you can also see the silhouette of Borobudur Temple from a distance. Likewise when you travel to Rhema Hill. Please enter and climb to the top of the famous chicken-shaped building as a shooting location for the film "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2".

Getting Around by Carriage or Cycling

Borobudur Temple is surrounded by villages that are still beautiful with a typical rural panorama, in the form of rice fields, irrigation, and traditional houses. You can get around by riding an Andong or Ontel bicycle bypassing the route Borobudur Street, Ngadiharjo. Not far from Balkondes Borobudur, there is a rice field area with the background of the peak of Borobudur Temple visible among the green trees.

Joining Borobudur Marathon

Borobudur Marathon is an international running event that combines elements of sports, tourism, and culture. The uniqueness of the Borobudur Marathon compared to other running events is the route that surrounds the villages in Borobudur which are still beautiful. You will also feel the unique culture and friendliness of the people along the route you pass.