Disporapar Jawa Tengah Announces Winners Of Instagram Video Contest 'Wisata Pilihanku, Ya #DiJatengAja' In 2023

The Youth, Sports and Tourism Office of Jawa Tengah Province announced the winners of the 2023 Instagram Video Competition entittled 'Wisata Pilihanku, Ya #DiJatengAja' on the official Instagram account @visitjawatengah on Monday afternoon (16/10/2023).

Head of the Disporapar Jawa Tengah, Agung Hariyadi, said this video competition is from 1 September - 4 October 2023. By the spirit of World Tourism Day every 27 September, this event is a forum for the creativity of the young generation in the field of videography, as well as an effort to promote Jawa Tengah tourism through social media.

"We want to improve the image of the destination in Jawa Tengah and make Jawa Tengah a major tourism destination in Indonesia," explained Agung.

This competition was well received by content creators. A total of 155 participants registered and sent videos showing various tourism potentials in Jawa Tengah, from natural, cultural, marine, and culinary tourism.

"Participant videos are very creative and interesting, starting from tourist attraction locations, video concepts, and shooting techniques, to editing. Amazing," he said.

The jury team for the video competition is Muhammad Ngainirrichadl (Member of the Jawa Tengah Regional House of Representatives), Teguh Hadi Prayitno (Chairman of IJTI Jawa Tengah), and Yusuf Isyrin Hanggara (Television Practitioner).

Based on the results of the jury team's assessment last week, 6 winners were determined, namely 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and 3rd place winners.

“We congratulate the winners. We also express our gratitude for the participation of all Video Contest participants. "Stay enthusiastic about creating special works for Jawa Tengah tourism." he explained.

The winners will receive cash prizes totaling millions of rupiah. The following is a list of winners of the 2023 Instagram Video Contest "Wisata Pilihanku, Ya #DiJatengAja' :

1st Place: Anjelita Lik Oktavia Ubaidillah (Traveling to New Zealand, Central Java)

2nd Place: Lugas Rekayasa Dewa (The Enchantment of Mount Lawu foothill)

3rd Place: Drajat Puji Setiawan (Nyamuk Island with All Its Tourism Potential)