Enjoy The Savory Pecel Pakis Colo

Kudus Regency has several exciting tourist attractions to be visited. There are religious tours to the Menara Kudus Mosque, the Tomb of Sunan Kudus, and Sunan Muria. There are cultural tours, such as the Kretek Museum, Joglo Pencu, and Jenang Museum. Do not miss culinary tours for some special culinary such as Soto Kudus, Lentog Tanjung, and Nasi Pindang. More, there are special culinary that can only be found in Colo Village.

Colo Village is located in Dawe District, in the Muria Mountains, about 30 minutes from Kudus City. You will be greeted by the natural scenery of the mountains with the cool air that calms the mind and refreshes the body. This location is crowded with tourists who want to make a pilgrimage to the Tomb of Sunan Muria. Taxi bikes are back and forth bringing tourists.

Besides having a beautiful view, this place also has delicious culinary named pecel pakis (pakis means ferns). It is perfect for lunch or breakfast. At first glance, it looks like pecel (vegetables with peanut sauce) in general. Rice is served on a plate with a pile of green vegetables, then tossed with peanut sauce. Some stalls of pecel pakis usually serve side dishes such as an omelet or sunny side, fried tempeh, potato cake, and shrimp dreadlocks.

Pakis themselves are ferns plants. There are no plantations in this area. However, said Amin, one of the pecel fern sellers, this grows naturally on the cliffs.

For the seasoning, he makes his recipe. The peanut is fried, then added with onion, spices, and shrimp paste. 

Ferns are boiled or poured with hot water but don't overcook because it will change the taste.

Pecel Pakis taste delicious with peanut sauce mixed with fresh fern leaves, combined with warm rice. Some visitors, both inside and outside the city of Kudus, return to this store to make a purchase.

The cyclists also often exercise in the Colo area. If you want to eat pecel pakis after exercising, there's nothing wrong with that either. Galih, one of the residents, said that the taste of Pesir Pakis in Colo was delicious. According to him, the fern leaves are crunchy and the peanut sauce is delicious.

"The peanut sauce is delicious. The fern has a good texture," he said.

In addition to its delicious specialties, Kudus also has Muria Coffee drinks. There are also many coffee shops in Colo. Visitors can relax by sipping warm coffee in the cool air of the Muria mountains.

Happy traveling in Kudus. (Vachri/ Kontributor)a