Enjoying The Charm Of Pandanrejo, Purworejo, The Winner Of Jawa Tengah Tourism Village 2023

The Menoreh Hills which extend from Purworejo Regency, Jawa Tengah, and Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region Province (DIY), last weekend morning were cloudy.

The sunlight was just seen on the hills in Pandanrejo Village, Kaligesing District, Purworejo Regency, at around 06.30 WIB. The charming green expanse of trees becomes even more beautiful when exposed to sunlight.

The fresh air also made several traders of Kaligesing crossbreed Etawa goats flock to the Pandanrejo Village Animal Market. Old, young, even children, most of them are busy with goats. The market, which is held every Saturday, is one of Pandanrejo's highlights.

Whether it is the charming natural scenery or the Kaligesing breed of goats, this is the potential of Pandanrejo Village makes anyone fall in love.

The Jawa Tengah Provincial Government crowned Dewa Pandan, which is the acronym for Pandanrejo Tourism Village, as the first winner of the 2023 Jawa Tengah Tourism Village Awards. The village at the foothill of the Menoreh was the best in that event.

He explained that several agencies had also started coming to his village to collaborate, especially national-scale agencies. There are also travel agents who are starting to look at Dewa Pandan, as one of the destinations of their tour packages. There are also proposals for supporting facilities.

Tourist visits are also starting to increase after the pandemic. The various achievements they have achieved have encouraged the enthusiasm of this tourist village. For example, The Winner at the Purworejo level Tourism Village, Runner up at the Jawa Tengah Tourism Village Awards in 2021, Runner up at the 2022 National Indonesian Tourism Village Awards (ADWI), and 1st place at the 2023 Jawa Tengah Tourism Village Awards.
"With these titles, it increases interest from the public to visit the Pandanrejo Tourism Village," he said.