The Rich Culinary From Pati That You Should Taste

Bumi Mina Tani will remind you of Pati Regency. Located on the north coast of eastern Jawa Tengah, Pati has various nature tourism. There are reservoirs, waterfalls, caves, agrotourism, and beaches. For food lovers, Pati will also spoil their tongues. There are soupy foods, spicy foods, and snacks to bring home. Let's explore Pati cuisine!


Gandul rice is a rice dish with soup. The color is brown like semur or gulai. It contains chopped beef. If you buy gandul rice, the seller will offer brain, liver, spleen, and other side dishes. Plus, gandul rice is delicious to eat with sweet boiled egg or perkedel (fried potato cake). After that, the seller will chop the side dish we choose. Gandul rice is served on a plate made from a banana leave. The soup is poured into the rice. The steamy, fresh, warm, and spicy soup will look tasty.


Another soupy dish from Pati is Soto Kemiri. Kemiri is the name of one of the villages in Pati. The location is in downtown Pati. Soto Kemiri is a thick chicken soto with coconut milk. Soto Kemiri is served in a bowl that contains rice, sliced chicken, and yellowish soup with coconut milk. The stalls of Soto Kemiri are easy to find in downtown Pati. Usually, stalls offer side dishes such as chicken wings, chicken breasts, offal satay, perkedel, and others.


Looking for nasi rames (rice with various side dishes) from Pati? The answer is Sego Tewel. It is easy to find sego tewel in Tambakromo Village, Tambakromo District. Sego means rice and tewel means vegetables from jackfruit fiber as in gudeg. The other side dishes are fried tempeh and vegetable fritters. Sego Tewel is served on a plate made from teak leaves, so it has a delicious aroma.


In Kropak Village, Winong District, there is a dish named Lontong Balungan. It is a dish made from rice cake, tempeh, tofu, and sliced beef with its bone (in Javanese: balungan). Lontong Balungan is popular and attracts food lovers from outside districts. While waiting for the food, visitors can try small tempeh crackers.


This dish is usually brought by people as a souvenir. In Juwana, there are many industries of Bandeng Presto (high-pressure cooked milkfish). This brackish water fish is cooked, so the bone is soft. Therefore, you can eat the whole fish without picking the bone. The milkfish can also be cooked as a fishcake. The form is like a fish, but the filling is already processed. It tastes soft and savory. (Contributor, Admin)