Visiting Dairy Cow Agrotourism In Cepogo Boyolali

The charm of the Boyolali Regency cannot be separated from the presence of milk. This identity is symbolized in the statue of spilled milk in the center of Boyolali. In addition, the landmark of the cow statue "Lembu Sora" in the integrated complex of the Boyolali Regency Government is also a marker of the area which is a center for processing cow's milk.

Having highlands in the west and lowlands in the east makes Boyolali have a variety of charms ranging from mountainous nature, reservoirs, banners, typical crafts to agro-tourism. One of them is Cepogo dairy cow agrotourism which is one of the favorite educational tourism destinations in Jawa Tengah.

Cepogo is located on the slopes of Merapi and is 13 km from downtown Boyolali. Its location at an altitude causes a cold climate that is suitable as a location for dairy farming. Cepogo offers educational tours that provide information to the public about the importance of consuming milk and knowledge about all processes related to cow's milk, from the raising process to the processing into ready-to-consume goods.

The owner of the house who is also a cattle farmer will welcome him in a friendly manner so that visitors feel comfortable to ask questions. Visitors can experience feeding, taking pictures, seeing or trying to milk cows themselves, to enjoying various dairy products in the available stalls.

Boyolali cow's milk is also widely used by large-scale dairy industries outside the region as raw material, making it one of the main commodities.

How? Interesting right? Make sure the condition of the vehicle is in good condition because the path taken is uphill and winding. However, the typical natural panorama of the mountains will accompany you along the way. (Wiwin/ Contributor)


--- Translated by Laksita ---