If you are in Semarang, don't miss visiting Semarang Old Town (Kota Lama Semarang). Kota Lama is a cultural heritage area where we can see many old and historic buildings from the Dutch Era. At that moment, the area was the center of government. The architecture of the buildings is in European style with large main doors and windows, decorative elements, and high ceilings. There are some interesting spots to visit such as Blenduk Church, Taman Srigunting, Jiwasraya Insurance Building, Outdetrap Building, Semarang Art Gallery, De Spiegel, Marba, and so on. 

For those who like walking, strolling around the corners of Kota Lama is very interesting to do since you can walk comfortably in the pedestrian area. You can also take a regular tour organized by a touring community. On a weekend evening, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Car Free Night along Jl. Lt. Gen. Suprapto.