Complete! Here Are The Series Events Of The 2023 Kauman Batik Art Festival.

Kampoeng Batik Kauman is known as the Batik Center in Pekalongan City. The Pekalongan City Government and the Kauman Batik Village Association hold the Kauman Batik Art Festival (KBAF) to celebrate Batik Day in October annually.

In 2023, KBAF will return on 19-22 October 2023 with the theme 'Srawoeng Swaroeng Creative Night'.

Attractive events such as a Culinary Festival, Live Music, Student Arts Performance, and the Batik Great Sale are prepared. Quoted from, Chairman of the Kauman Pekalongan Batik Village Association, Husni Mubarok, explained that one of the interesting activities in this year's KBAF series is batik thrifting. According to him, people can come and join in the fun and shop for various batik displays with discounts up to 50 percent. Apart from that, KBAF 2023 is also enlivened with 35 stalls for various culinary and MSME products which are open from day to night.

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Culinary Festival

Student Arts Performance: Tembang Mocopat

Live Music: Fajar Dewa

Opening Ceremony

Live Music: Keroncong Fantasy & Paradiksi


Friday, October 20, 2023

Culinary Festival

Bazaar: Big Sale Batik

Digital Marketing Training for Batik MSMEs

Student Arts Performance

Blood donors

Live Music: Starlight, Dream Come True, and Lesperinggo


Saturday, October 21 2023

Culinary Festival

Bazaar: Big Batik Sale

Student Arts Performance

Live Murals

Live Music: Altruistic, Aurora Jacuzy


Sunday, October 22 2023

Culinary Festival

Baza: Big Sale Batik

Student Arts Performance

Live Music: Tamakun, Gambus Group

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