Copper And Brass Craft Center In Cepogo Village

Boyolali Regency is famous as Milk City. This regency, on the eastern side of the slopes of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu, is attractive to be visited. One of the locations is Cepogo Tourism Village in Cepogo District.

Cepogo Tourism Village is 16 km southwest of Boyolali city center, 30 minutes with private transportation through a paved winding road.

After you arrive at Cepogo Market, continue to the road to Selo for about 1 km, there is a Coger Merapi cafe on the right side. Go forward, take the right path, then you will meet the gate of Cepogo Tourism Village, and follow the sign.

Quoted from, the history of Cepogo Village cannot be separated from Dukuh Tumang as the center of village government. The name Dukuh Tumang is the location of the metal craft industry known as Cepogo. The Tumang people's expertise in making metal crafts has been around for hundreds of years. In its development, mostly metal craftsmen are in the Cepogo Village area.

Cepogo Village's metal crafts are made from copper and brass. The types are very diverse, there are hanging lamps, wall decorations, household furniture, calligraphy, and so on. Customers can choose ready-stock products or custom.

Making metal crafts goes through several stages, starting from sketching, njabung (making a base), sculpting/carving metal, forming, to finishing. If you want to see the manufacturing process directly, visitors can visit the craftsmen who have a showroom and workshop in one location. One of them is Pande Tembaga in Dukuh Kupo which is also the location of the Pogo Wijaya Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) Office.

Interesting right? Add the Cepogo Tourism Village in Boyolali Regency to your list!