Let's Buy Milkfish From Pati

Strolling around Pati, you may continue your vacation and have fun at Bumi Mina Tani. There are interesting places to visit, such as Pancur Cave, Gunung Rowo Reservoir, Jolong Tourism, and others. Pati also has a variety of special dishes that will make your tongue sway. You can stop by at the stall of Nasi Gandul or Soto Kemiri.

After having a culinary tour and enjoying the beauty of this city, now is the time to find souvenirs. Pati is famous for its milkfish. When you are about to go into the city of Pati, you will be greeted with a landmark of a milkfish statue.

One area that is famous for its milkfish is the Juwana district which is located in the North Coast road area.

In Juwana there is a lot of milkfish presto industry. The fish is cooked in such a way that the spines become soft. So, if you want to consume milkfish presto, you don't need to worry about the spine since it can be eaten.

Milkfish presto is usually easy to find at souvenir shops in Pati or traditional markets. Usually, the presto milkfish is packaged in a box and lasts for days, so it is appropriate for a souvenir when you are from Pati.

Besides milkfish presto, you can find milkfish processed in other forms. Boneless milkfish for example. There is grilled milkfish cake a.k.a otak otak bandeng too. It looks like milkfish in general, but different on the inside. It tastes delicious and tender.

Milkfish presto is often used as a souvenir for people outside Pati. Like the story of Lina from Solo who loves this milkfish. At first, she did not know the name of this processed milkfish. At that time she was given otak otak bandeng, and she was surprised by the taste.

Lina was also interested to try the boneless milkfish. After tasting the otak-otak bandeng, eating milkfish became an easy way. Moreover, she said that it is good for snacks.

Starting with a consumer of milkfish, Lina has an idea to sell milkfish in Solo. According to her, the people there are quite enthusiastic about this cuisine. Starting to ask what is otak-otak and want to know about the making process.

"I answered as best I could and from the information I got from the production house of milkfish," he said.

In addition, selling the milkfish in Solo can make it easier for Pati residents who live in Solo to find this food.

"You don't have to go back to your hometown hehe," he added.

Seeing this enthusiasm, now she goes to Pati once a week to buy stock of processed milkfish. (Vachri/Contributor)