The Schedule Of Wayang Orang And Ketoprak Performances In Jawa Tengah

Jawa Tengah has a traditional drama performance known as wayang orang. According to, wayang orang is a puppet show played by humans wearing costumes according to the characters. In wayang orang performances, the puppeteer acts as a director who directs the players. The wayang orang stories are usually taken from the Babad Purwo, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Besides wayang orang, Jawa Tengah also has ketoprak performances. Quoted from, ketoprak is a traditional drama performed by an art group based on history, fairy tales, and others interspersed with comedy. Ketoprak is performed with music from gamelan in the form of a mortar, pestle, drums, and flute.

Then, wayang orang and ketoprak performances can be seen regularly in Surakarta and Semarang. Here's more information.



The Wayang Orang Sriwedari appeared in 1910 during the time of Paku Buwono X. Now, the Wayang Orang Sriwedari show is every Monday to Saturday at 19.30 WIB located at the Sriwedari Wayang Orang Building, from 15 Kebangkitan Nasional, St., Surakarta. Check @wayang_orang_sriwedari to get the latest information.



Wayang Orang Ngesti Pandowo is a legendary wayang orang group in Indonesia since 1937. In 1950, Ngesti Pandowo began performing in Semarang City until now. Reporting from Instagram @disbudparkotasemarang, the schedule for the Ngesti Pandowo Puppet Show for 2023 every Saturday at 20.00 WIB will take place at the Ki Narto Sabdo Building (TBRS) Jl. Sriwijaya No. 29, Semarang City.



Ketoprak Balekambang is popular with high historical value. This art is located in Balekambang Park, Surakarta City. At first, the Ketoprak Balekambang was a gathering for the youth, then it developed as entertainment after the independence period, in the 1950s to be precise. Since 1989 the Ketoprak Balekambang has lived in one of the Balekambang Park buildings. Currently, Balekambang Park is under renovation, however, the Ketoprak Balekambang performance can still be enjoyed every Saturday at 20.00 WIB at Grha Wisata Niaga Slamet Riyadi St, Surakarta City. The latest information can be obtained via Instagram @balekambangsolo. (Admin)