The Uniqueness Of The Conto Tourism Village Wonogiri That Makes You Fall In Love

Tourist destinations in Wonogiri are attractive. Some reservoirs are excellent, with global geoparks, and beautiful beaches, as well as delicious culinary delights. However, when visiting the city of Cashew, add to your experience with a vacation to the Conto Tourism Village.

Conto Tourism Village is located in Bulukerto District, Wonogiri Regency which is divided into 5 hamlets, namely Nglarangan Hamlet, Ngelo Hamlet, Dalisemar Hamlet, Kempul Hamlet, and Sumber Hamlet. This village is about 46 km from the Giri Krida Bhakti square and takes about 1.5 hours. Quoted from, Conto Tourism Village is developing the concept of nature tourism and educational tourism. Tourists not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also gain knowledge, so that the traveling experience is more enjoyable.

Conto Tourism Village has just been included in the 75 Best Tourism Villages of the 2023 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI) organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. As reported by, the Chairperson of the Pokdarwis Cinta Conto, Asef Indriyanto explained, the ADWI award gave Conto a spirit to develop further.

Asef said that the majority of tourists who visit Conto are more often for nature tours and staying at homestays. During their stay, they learn community activities, such as going to the fields, looking for grass, planting vegetables, and gardening. They also like learning how to make batik, harvest coffee, and process it, until it's ready to be brewed.

In general, tourist attractions in Conto Tourism Village are divided into the Resi Cave Area, Gendol Hill Area, Banteng Vegetable Gardens, Terraced Rice Fields, Sumber Camping Ground, Soko Langit, Dalisemar Field, Kukusan Peak, and Kenangan Street. All these tourist spots have their segments. School children are more concerned with farming education, Soko Langit is of interest to children, and Goa Resi is for families.

Another uniqueness is the art of culture. Until now, the people of Conto Village still preserve various Javanese cultures such as kenduri, tahlilan, sepasaran, and ngreksa bumi, as well as traditional arts, such as Islamic music, angklung, reog, and gamelan.

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