Batu Angkruk Dieng, The Beauty Of A Land Above The Clouds

Wonosobo Regency, Jawa Tengah, has several tourist destinations that are magnets for tourists. These new tourist attractions continue to emerge and are worth exploring with family and friends.

If you stop by Wonosobo, take your time to visit this currently popular tourist spot, Batu Angkruk Dieng at Dieng Street km 22, Dieng Village, Kejajar District. The route to the location can be traversed by four-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles with winding and up-and-down terrain.

In this place, you'll find Instagrammable photo spots, such as golden trains, gardens, and glass bridges. It confirms that this tourist attraction has the charm of contemporary top selfies with beautiful natural landscapes.

What can visitors get on the Batu Angkruk tour?

1. Enjoy the sunrise
Witness the panoramic view of the beauty of the morning sun or sunrise. This Dieng tourist attraction has a stunning sunrise spot.
Enjoy the excitement of spending the cold night on Land Above the Clouds, make sure you wear thick clothes and a jacket.

2. Photographer's Paradise
This tour has a special photo spot which not only offers cool photo opportunities but is also challenging. It's not wrong if this tourist attraction is a paradise for photographers. Even though it's not that high, those who have a phobia of heights might feel afraid to take photos of this object.

But there's no need to worry because it has been specially designed so that the photo spot is safe for visitors to use. Apart from that, there are many other recommended photo spot facilities such as flower gardens, swings, gazebos, and many more.

3. Enjoy the landscape of Wonosobo City
Visitors can enjoy a cup of warm fried coffee along with the beautiful natural views and landscape of Wonosobo City from Batu Angkruk. 

Tips for coming here, visit when the weather is clear to get a stunning view. Bring a camera to capture moments on holiday with your family.