Culinary Tourism In Dolan Sawah Salatiga

Salatiga list of tourist destinations with the presence of Dolan Sawah, a place that offers a unique experience in enjoying culinary delights while enjoying the natural beauty of the countryside.

Located in the middle of green rice fields and fresh air, Dolan Sawah presents an unforgettable culinary tourism sensation for its visitors.

With a calming natural feel, Dolan Sawah provides a variety of delicious dishes from traditional dishes to regional specialties.

Visitors can enjoy the food served while enjoying stunning views of the rice fields, making the experience of eating here more than just satisfying the taste buds.

Combining two satisfactions in one experience, Dolan Sawah has become a magnet for culinary and nature lovers.

With tables spread out under the shade of trees and views of verdant rice fields, Dolan Sawah creates a calming and refreshing atmosphere for its visitors.

Delicious Culinary Dishes

Dolan Sawah not only offers enchanting rural natural beauty but also tantalizes the appetite with a variety of authentic Indonesian culinary delights.

With a buffet concept, visitors can enjoy various typical Indonesian dishes without restrictions.

From various rice dishes with tempting textures and aromas to various side dishes prepared with traditional herbs and spices, Dolan Sawah pampers its visitors' taste buds with rich and satisfying flavors.

There are also a variety of spicy and appetizing chili sauces available, as well as savory and delicious satay.

For those who want a snack, Dolan Sawah also provides a wide selection of delicious traditional snacks.

Starting from crispy fried foods to sweet typical Indonesian cakes, every bite will bring visitors happy childhood memories.

With a buffet concept that allows visitors to choose and enjoy dishes according to taste, Dolan Sawah makes the dining experience more relaxed and enjoyable.
Friendly Kids

With various facilities and activities provided, Dolan Sawah welcomes families with children.

Parents can calmly enjoy their meals while eating delicious Indonesian culinary specialties because Dolan Sawah provides a safe and fun play area for children.

This play area is equipped with interesting games and is always supervised by friendly and well-trained staff.

This way, parents can be sure that their children will find something they like on Dolan Sawah's menu.

So, if you are looking for a kid-friendly place to eat in Salatiga, there is no better choice than Dolan Sawah.


If you are looking for a culinary destination that is close and easily accessible, Dolan Sawah is the right choice. Located on Jl. Ilyas, Pulutan, and Salatiga, the location is very strategic and easy to reach from various directions.

Only 10 minutes from the Bawen toll exit and 11 minutes from the Salatiga toll exit, Dolan Sawah is a comfortable choice for tourists who want to rest or fill their stomachs after a long journey.

Its location on the outskirts of town makes it an ideal place to stop before continuing your journey.