Holidays At Pasir Kencana Pekalongan Beach, What's There?

Who said going to the beach can only play with sand and waves? At Pasir Kencana Pekalongan Beach, tourists can experience exciting activities, alone or together. Yep! This beach on the north coast of Pekalongan City reopened in early 2022 with various facilities. Pasir Kencana Beach is open every Tuesday-Sunday from 08 am to 9 pm. The entrance ticket is quite affordable, only IDR 15.000 on Tuesday-Thursday and IDR 20.000 on Friday-Sunday.


Quoted from Instagram @pasirkencanapekalongan, let's take a peek at what's there!



A swimming pool with a small pool for children and an adult pool with a depth of 1 meter. Tourists can swim in the pool or relax on its shores. This pool is also fun as a location for outbound activities.



This magnificent stage is the center of view of Pasir Kencana Beach. Musical entertainment events and art festivals are usually held in this area.



Jogging at a height with a view of the Java Sea? Come on, try the skywalk. Prepare your camera because Skywalk can be the best photo spot, especially during sunset. So happy!



In the Pasir Kencana Beach area, there is a view tower called the Batik Tower with a height of 10 meters. Here is the right location to enjoy panoramic views of the coast and the Java sea from a height. More, follow the directions from the officers, because you have to take turns with other visitors.



Feel the fun of riding a duck boat with friends or family, of course, while accompanied by the sea breeze. It's time to spend quality free time with your loved ones.


Try also Pasir Kencana Beach tour with a scooter. Swing.. swing...enjoy gliding on the track. (Admin)