Let’s Go! Up To The Hill! Let’s Go! Up To The Cendana Hill!

Besides being known for its marine tourism, Rembang Regency also has tourism potential in hilly areas. It’s called Cendana Hill. This tour, which is located in Candimulyo Village, Sedan District, is currently a hit. It takes about 40 minutes from Rembang’s downtown.

This tour was only established a few months ago. Managed by the local youth organizations. One of the youth organizations said that the idea to organize this place came up with other communities. In Indonesian, Cendana means Sandalwood. He said, on the top of the hill there are also sandalwood trees.

The route to Bukit Cendana can be through by the Lasem-Sale road, then enter on a rural road. Since it’s a hill, the access road is a bit uphill and it can be very adventurous. Until the Candimulyo village area, residents have given directions to the peak. Arriving at the parking area can be accessed by motorbike, then proceed on foot. But don't worry, the travel time is quite short.

Cendana Hill is located at an altitude of about 560 meters above sea level. The path that is passed to get to the top is quite gentle. When visiting there some time ago, the tourists seemed strong to hike it. Visitors have to walk about one kilometer and then arrive at the top. Or if you want to cut the road, you can skate with the flying fox. For Rp. 10 thousand.

Cendana Hill is also suitable for camping. At that time there were several tents already standing If you want to take photos, the above are also provided selfie spots. Like there is a house building in the shape of a triangle. Besides being suitable as a place to capture the moment, the spot is also suitable for relaxing. Sit back and relax while looking at the hilly area around us.

On top of this hill, it looks beautiful. Decorated with paths of arranged stones. The edges are embellished with ornamental plants. Around the hill are also provided chairs or a place to relax. The tourists seemed to enjoy enjoying while singing accompanied by guitar. From up there you can enjoy views of the city and settlements below. The green panorama of the hills around the hill spoils the eyes.

At the top of the hill, there is a mini shop that also provides a variety of food and drinks. This place is indeed suitable for relaxing while enjoying culinary.

Didik, one of the visitors, admitted that he enjoyed traveling in Cendana Hill. He plans to come again. Then have a camping overnight with friends. "For a fun camping," he said. (Vachri/ Contributor)


--- Translated by Laksita ---