Semarak Jejakk Kreatif Of 2023 Is Coming Soon In Semarang City, Check It Out!

Semarak Jejakk Kreatif of 2023 is upcoming. It will be held on 19-21 May 2023 in the Semarang Old Town. 

This activity is the culmination of the creative Regency/City program or abbreviated 'Kata Kreatif'. A total of 109 regencies/cities from within and outside Jawa Tengah Province will participate in this event.

Various exciting and interesting events are also prepared. On the first day, there will be several agendas such as watching creative films together, coaching clinics, talk shows, creative craft exhibitions, and live cooking.

The opening of Jejakk Creative 2023 on Friday night (19/05/2023) will start at 19.00 WIB at the Marba Building intersection featuring the Semarang Night Carnival and Orchestral Performance.

The agenda for the second and third days will be enlivened with music & dance performances, talk shows & coaching, live cooking creative culinary activities, and exhibitions of creative products.

The series of activities will take place at several points in the Semarang Old Town, namely the Marba Building, Oudetrap, Creative Hub, and Garuda Park intersections.

Don't miss this spectacular event, Sobat Wisata! (Admin)