Disporapar Jateng Appreciates Cities And Regencies On API Awards 2023

The momentum for the revival of Central Java tourism continues. Recently, 5 regencies/cities in Jawa Tengah received the 2023 Anugerah Pesona Indonesia (API) Awards. The API Awards is an appreciation event for Indonesian tourism where the public can give their choice to the most favorite or most popular destination.


The award was given at the peak night of the 2023 API Awards which took place at Plaza Presisi Manise, Ambon City, on Wednesday (1/11/2023) evening.


In the Traditional Drink category, Jamu Jun from Semarang City won 2nd place. Then, Lurik Klaten from Klaten Regency successfully won the Souvenir Category, and Gunung Gajah from Semarang Regency became 2nd place in the Highlands Category.


Demak Regency succeeded in becoming 1st place in 2 (two) categories at once, namely the Sports & Adventure Tourism category through Jelajah Bumi Wali Offroad and the Creative Destination category through Tembiring Creative Fun. Furthermore, the City of Surakarta achieved 1st place in the Cultural Attractions category through the Keraton Soldier Attraction and 2nd place in the New Destination category through Pracima Tuin.


The Head of the Disporapar Jawa Tengah, Agung Hariyadi, congratulated him on this achievement.


"We congratulate the Champions of API Awards 2023. We hope that this achievement can have a positive impact on tourism and the creative economy in Jawa Tengah. We also express our gratitude to the Regency/City government, tourism industry players and "creative economy, the people of Jawa Tengah, and all parties who have participated and voted," said Agung


Agung added that developing tourism and increasing the competitiveness of MSMEs in the creative economy sector is one of the 10 priority programs of the Acting Governor of Jawa Tengah.


In its implementation, the development of tourism and the creative economy in Jawa Tengah requires cooperation and collaboration between the Provincial government, the Regency/City government, as well as tourism and creative economy industry players.


"More, we invite the people of Jawa Tengah in particular and the Indonesian people in general to travel to Jawa Tengah," said Agung


Jawa Tengah Province has extraordinary tourism potential such as natural, cultural, artificial, historical, culinary, and event. All the destinations chosen by tourists are in Jawa Tengah. Our travel choice, it is Jawa Tengah! (Admin)