Walking Along Wates Kaliori Beach In Rembang

Wates Beach, Kaliori District, Rembang is one of the magnets for tourists. Its white sand and views of Gede Island are treats that can spoil our eyes. Also, there are shady spots from the rows of beach pine trees here.

Wates Beach has now been reopened after being temporarily closed due to the pandemic. Its appearance looks a bit different since it now has been equipped with infrastructure for implementing health protocols.

If you want to visit Wates Beach, you have to pass the village road. Signs and directions can be seen from Pantura road, Rembang-Tuban. At several points on the village road, there are appeals for tourists to wear masks.

At the entrance, tourists must pass through the disinfectant booth and temperature check first. Don't forget, pay for the ticket. The entrance fee is only IDR 5.000 per person. After that, you can just enjoy the beauty of Wates Beach.

You will immediately feel calm when you enter the beach. The breeze and the view of the calm waves welcome you. Tourists can sit and relax at the end of the pier looking at the beach.

The food stalls are also open. Those stalls look so bright because of the colorful umbrellas installed. Then, it also looks shady for beach pine trees.

Tourists can take a leisure walk along with the beach pine trees standing side by side. This area also has decorations made of used tires painted in bright colors. In the middle, there are signboards with writing such as I'm Okay, Not Afraid of Feeling Down, and Chill. Plus, there are also photo spots. For example, there is a spot that looks like a mini bus-stop, a spot of dry trees and boats, and a treehouse.

That morning (23/10) around 9:30 a.m. at Wates Beach, fishing boats docked on the shore. Some tourists were relaxing in the gazebos around. Also, you could see people were cleaning up the beach litter. Overall, Wates Beach looks clean.

On the other side, you can see a small white sandy island full of trees. Its name is Gede Island.

According to the locals, if you want to go to Gede Island, you can go there from Wates Beach by boat. "It is usually crowded on holidays. There are several groups," said one resident.

Wates Beach is already known by tourists outside Rembang. Usually, before the pandemic, this beach is always crowded on holidays. Wates Beach is indeed suitable for refreshing while listening to the boisterous waves and enjoying the breeze or relaxing in the shade of beach pine trees.